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My name is Christopher.   You can call me Chris, Christopher, Topher or even 'Hey, you.'  I'll answer to all of those monikers.  I live with a neurodegenerative disease.  One that many other people deal with on a permanent basis every moment of every day.  It affects every aspect of my life both internally and externally. Unfortunately for myself and millions of others there is no respite--it is there, always.  I'm a regular guy with a regular job, a moderately uneventful life and an incredibly overactive imagination. I also deal with multiple sclerosis in my spare time.


Got questions?  I may have answers... somewhere.  I'll be happy to do my darndest. Send me an email at the address below, or use the form on the Contact page.  It may take a little while to answer, so please be patient.


Thank you for taking the time to visit.



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